Our Team

Bill Dirks

Chief Executive Officer, Nautilus Resources

Bill Dirks is Chief Executive Officer for Nautilus Resources and formerly was Chief Executive Officer of BRC International, a company formed by Bluescape in late 2014 to pursue the acquisition of oil and gas licenses in Canada and offshore Italy. Nautilus’ business model is to acquire and exploit large, long-dated exploration positions in plays where Dirks and his management team have significant past operating experience; to date the team has assembled over 1.2 million targeted sweet-spot acres in the two plays. Dirks has a 35-year track record of creating value in the upstream E&P sector, with senior management and fund-raising experience at publicly and privately held companies in the U.S. and Canada. He has a deep personal experience base in domestic and international exploration and energy operations, including management of seismic operations and drilling/completions programs in both onshore and offshore settings, and management of production operations in both the U.S. and Canada.

Prior to joining BRC International, Dirks was President and Chief Operating Officer of Sonde Resources Corporation, a publicly-traded (TSX and NYSE) global E&P company with operations in Western Canada and Northern Africa, where he assembled over 250,000 sweet-spot acres in the Duvernay, Montney, and Wabamun plays. Prior to Sonde, Dirks was Co-Founder/Managing Partner of Tecton Energy LLC, a privately held E&P company focused on U.S. and Canadian onshore unconventional resource plays, where he purchased and monetized exploration positions in excess of 500,000 acres in a three-year period. Previously, Dirks was President of Samson Canada, a large family-owned E&P company with approximately 250 employees/contractors, 200 MMcf/d production, 200 new wells annually, and 1 million acres of unconventional resource and tight gas holdings in Alberta and British Columbia. Further, Dirks served as a senior executive at Royal Dutch/Shell, ultimately serving as President and CEO of Shell Technology Ventures. While CEO of Shell Technology Ventures, Dirks raised $120 million, implemented a partnership with Beacon Group, and launched five start-ups in the fields of drilling, re-completion, processing, and remediation. He also served as U.S. Onshore exploration manager and exploration manager for Shell Deepwater GOM, where he was responsible for annual programs in excess of $100 million.

Dirks has developed a best-in-class ability to identify new resource plays, understand play risks and economics and delineate sweet spots, and to routinely assemble large leaseholds and create meaningful returns for investors. Examples of such sweet spots: (i) WCSB/Duvernay Play, 2010-2012 (Sonde Resources: Duvernay liquids-rich shale gas play -- Assembled ~24,000 net acres for $690,000 (av. $29/ac) -- Sold 100% working interest in early 2012 for $75 million cash; (ii) WCSB / NE British Columbia Montney Play, 2006-2009 (Tecton Energy) -- Montney siltstone/shale gas deposit -- Assembled ~75,000 net acres for $4.4 million (av. $59/ac) -- Total return $33 million against $4.4 million initial investment; (iii) Williston Basin Red River Play, 2007-2009 (Tecton Energy) -- Red River dolomite oil resource play -- Assembled ~118,000 net acres for $1.8 million (av. $15/ac); sold 50% WI in 2008 for ~$17 million) -- Remaining 50% owned by Tecton Energy, with an Exploration drilling program successful on 8 out of 8 horizontal wells drilled; and (iv) WCSB/East Kakwa Play, 2004-2007 (Samson Canada) -- Tight gas sands resource play for middle and lower Cretaceous sands -- Assembled ~35,000 net acres and funded exploration and early development programs with total investment ~40 million -- Sold in 2008 for $151 million.

Dirks earned a bachelor of science in geology and a master of science in civil engineering from Iowa State University. Dirks is a Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute and a serial entrepreneur.