Our Team

Chad Touchet

Vice President, Completions and Production

Chad Touchet is Vice President, Completions and Production for Bluescape Energy Partners and Bluescape Resources Company. In this capacity, Touchet is responsible for leading operational activities in West Virginia and South Texas and for operational diligence on potential investments. Touchet has also supported the diligence process for Parallel’s investing activities as the in-house operations expert. While at Bluescape, Touchet directed the first successful sliding sleeve completion which generated data to determine the direction and magnitude of fracture propagation.

Prior to Bluescape, Touchet served as Global Completions Advisor for Occidental Petroleum. His role included direct relations with various global business units, investigating the feasibility of Occidental acquiring its own proppant and natural sand sourcing, and co-authoring and instructing Oxy’s Global Fracturing Schools. During his time with Oxy, he assisted in increasing production of skin damaged wells by 300% in Bahrain through fracturing techniques rather than matrix stimulations and successfully completed Occidental’s first fractured horizontal well in Elk Hills CA, increasing gas production to four fold per well as horizontal producers. Touchet mentored Oxy’s Bakken business unit on correctly fracturing horizontal wells through technique management and proppant selection, which increased production by 150% and reduced the failure rate by 2X. Touchet served as a primary advisor on over 100 drilling projects in California, Argentina, and North Dakota (Bakken) and acted as primary completions advisor for worldwide exploration.

Touchet was Vice President of Engineering at Hub City Industries where he initiated the startup of fracturing services to move into an M&A scenario within three years. The merger quickly grew to a $200 million enterprise as Greenfield Energy Services. He holds a co-patent (pending) for a hydraulic transmission in fracturing pumps utilizing gas turbine driven engines. He served as a Worldwide Technical Engineer for Baker Hughes, during which time he completed ten years in offshore operations including deep water, shelf, and inland waters. He was responsible for designing frac-packs and sand control techniques in the GOM, Adriatic Sea, Bohai Bay, and unconsolidated reservoirs in Egypt. He implemented fracturing techniques utilizing ultra-low damaging fluids to maintain a less than 5% drawdown pressure for eighteen months while increasing the production volume of only one of his client’s wells to overload the capacity of the GOM production facilities which were designed to support 12 wells. As he managed Baker Hughes’ horizontal gravel pack operations for a client’s Deepwater projects, the success of the program elevated to over 90%.

As a chemist/engineer for Schlumberger Oilfield Services, Touchet worked on various research trials which included surfactant based fracturing fluids, long term shut in frac fluids, and polymer based sealants to inhibit leakage in underground oil storage for several major facilities. Touchet also served the oil and gas industry as an independent completions consultant. During this time he completed over 5,000 wells in all conventional and unconventional producing formations in the US. Touchet directed many ‘first’ completions in shale plays while focusing on cost and time efficiencies for major and independent operators.

Touchet received a bachelor of science in chemistry from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Touchet is a published author through the Society of Petroleum Engineers and in the Hydraulic Fracturing Journal. Touchet has also been a distinguished panel speaker on advantages and disadvantages of re-fracturing, and is a member of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-endorsed proppant research group.