Our Team

Donald Campo

Vice President, Drilling

Donald Campo is Vice President-Drilling of Parallel Resource Partners He is responsible for technical, financial, and operational review and guidance for portfolio companies as well as operational due diligence for future investments. Formerly, Campo was Technical Executive-In-Residence of Parallel Resource Partners, a private equity oil and gas fund with Carlson Capital, and serves on the board of directors of several portfolio companies. Prior to Parallel, Campo was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Bluescape Resources Company with responsibility for planning, appraisal, and developmental execution of Bluescape’s 400,000 acre, contiguous Marcellus lease position in central West Virginia in conjunction with partner Oxy U.S.A.

Campo has a long, diverse 38-year background with hands-on experience in exploration and production, and he is an industry technical leader in oil and gas well construction. Prior to Bluescape, Campo spent over 28 years at Shell Oil and 3 years at Schlumberger working as a field engineer, area field salesman, floor man, derrick man, drilling rig equipment engineer, drilling engineer, senior drilling engineer, drilling rig manager, auditor, production supervisor, staff drilling engineer, regional technology implementation engineer, and subject matter expert for drilling with casing and liners, expandable liner hangers, and tubular expansion. Campo holds 8 patents on various drilling and completion technologies, including a drill in expandable liner hanger that reduced average drilling $400,000/well and extended the economic life to two major high-pressure/high-temperature South Texas development fields by +10 years. Record low-cost wells in four divisions were drilled under his efforts. While at Shell, Campo drilled approximately 1,950 exploration, development, and research trial wells in 12 different basins and on three different continents.

Campo graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a bachelor of science in mechanical and aerospace engineering. Campo has authored numerous industry technical papers and has made presentations at many industry technical conferences, further distinguishing himself as a design engineer with his development of new technology tools and techniques for drilling and completion.