Our Team

Lillian Meyer

Managing Director

Lillian Meyer is a Managing Director of Bluescape Energy Partners and a Director of Parallel Resource Partners and Bluescape Resources Company. In this capacity, Meyer is primarily responsible for driving performance improvement of the existing investments, evaluating strategic decisions, overseeing operational and legal due diligence processes of prospective investments, implementing performance measurement protocols, and managing Bluescape’s liquid portfolio. As a Managing Director, Meyer has been a key part of a team that has executed fifteen investments totaling $1.0 billion of risk capital and achieved a 25% IRR, 1.6X MOIC gross with a .9X cash realization and beat the small cap public E&P basket by 5X. The returns were achieved during a period when natural gas declined from over $13/MMBtu to less than $2/MMBtu and crude oil declined from over $130/Bbl. to under $40/Bbl. Meyer led the negotiation and execution of more than 50% of the capital deployment and approximately 80% of the realizations. Meyer also assists in preparing quarterly valuations for Parallel’s portfolio holding and on the Risk Committee of Parallel.

Meyer was formerly Director of Strategy and M&A at TXU, now known as Energy Future Holdings, where she focused on execution of restructuring plans and evaluating strategic decisions. Meyer was the lead analyst for a $2 billion sale of a regulated gas company (32% IRR, 1.2x MOIC), a $500 million sale of a pipeline company (290% IRR, 2.7x MOIC), and a $42 billion sale of TXU. TXU delivered total shareholder returns of over 400% and annualized returns of 65% -- placing 5th among the S&P 500 -- and created over $32 billion of shareholder value. Prior to TXU, Meyer worked for Arthur Andersen business consulting in Shanghai, where she advised clients on a wide range of transactions.

Meyer earned a bachelor from Shanghai University of Science and Technology. She received a master of business administration concentrating in finance and management and a master of accounting from Tulane University. Meyer is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).