Our Team

Liz Henderson

Assistant Treasurer

Liz Henderson is Assistant Treasurer of Bluescape Energy Partners and Bluescape Resources Company. In this capacity, Henderson assists with treasury operations, audit processes, and tax record compilations. In addition, Henderson processes company payroll, completes daily accounting activities, and works closely with Bluescape’s Controller and Treasurer to complete monthly and yearly accounting closings.

Prior to Bluescape, Henderson owned a consulting firm specializing in QuickBooks software and bookkeeping needs for small- to medium-sized businesses. Henderson worked with clients during reorganization efforts to improve functionality of accounting software and improve internal controls and processes. Henderson has worked with clients on data migration and accounting software conversions as well as customization of accounting packages. Henderson worked as a consultant for Bluescape for several years prior to joining the team as an employee. During her time as a consultant, Henderson helped Bluescape implement automated internal control practices for accounts payable approvals. Henderson has extensive background in both payroll and general accounting working for companies in manufacturing, health care, real estate, and service organizations. Henderson worked for many years for a highly regarded payroll service provider where she was responsible for many client payroll conversions and reconciliations. She provided both payroll and tax support and guidance to countless clients with her extensive payroll knowledge. Henderson has worked in various accounting and human resource roles. Henderson is currently working on a project with an outside vendor to migrate the current accounting software package to a new accounting software.

Henderson earned a bachelor of business administration in Organizational Behavior from the University of North Texas.